Qatar is having a different visa policy to accept the people from different countries. Visit visa Qatar is considered as one type of visa as tourist visa Qatar. To be able to process your visit visa Qatar you will need a Qatar national to act as your Sponsor. As all companies in Qatar are owned and operated by individuals of Qatar it is normally your new company who will also be your sponsor.

Tourist visa Qatar is granted to tourists through hotels that have this facility with prior approval from competent authorities and it is also granted to the relatives of Qatar residents. The validity of this visa is one month and it is non extendable, but you can renew visit visa Qatar.  Qatar airways also can provide tourist visa Qatar.

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The following 34 Countries are eligible: The United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, the Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Lichtenstein, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea.

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Qatar is having lots of job possibilities. It provides various types of job visas to other nations. We provide professional service on Qatar tourist visa and Qatar visit visa. All residents need a permit from the sponsor to leave the country but this does not apply for wives and underage children as they are in the custody of the husband or parent. All visitors must depart from the country by the time their visa expires.

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